Shikha Sharma
Kai Zhou
Nichelle'Le Carrington


Benjamin Carreras, BACV Solutions
David Newman, University of Alaska-Fairbanks
Paul Hines, University of Vermont
Scott Thacker, Oxford University
Sarai Mendoza-Armenta, Centro Nacional de Control de Energia
Ken Martin and Wenyun Ju, EPG
Mihai Anitescu Argonne National Lab


All degrees are in Electrical and Computer Engineering unless noted.

Liming Lu, MS 1991
Immediate change in stability and voltage collapse when power system limits are encountered
(figures not included)
Engineer, Detroit-Edison utility

Andre Mazzoleni PhD in Engineering Mechanics 1992
Comparative study of stability of flexible satellites with and without guy-wire constraints
(joint supervision with Schlack, Engineering Mechanics)
Associate Professor at North Carolina State University in  Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering.

Sasan Jalali PhD 1993
Harmonics and instabilities in thyristor based switching circuits
(joint supervision with R.H. Lasseter, ECE)
employed at Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Washington DC

Gary Gray PhD in Engineering Mechanics, 1993
Chaos in the attitude dynamics of an internally damped satellite due to nonautonomous perturbations
(joint supervision with D. Kammer, Engineering Mechanics)
Associate Professor at Penn State in Engineering Science and Mechanics.

Rajesh Rajaraman, PhD 1996
Dynamics, damping and resonance in switching circuits
Vice president at L.R. Christensen Associates, Madison WI

Scott Greene, MS 1993
Constraint at a saddle node bifurcation
Scott Greene, PhD 1998
Margin and sensitivity methods for power system security
employed at Price Waterhouse Coopers

Glen Luckjiff, PhD 2003
Sigma delta modulators with hexagonal quantization
employed at Citadel Investment Group, Chicago IL

John Wohlbier, MS 2000
Modeling and analysis of a traveling wave tube under multitone excitation
(joint supervision with J.H. Booske, ECE)
John Wohlbier, PhD 2003
Nonlinear distortion and suppression in traveling wave tubes: insights and methods
(joint supervision with J.H. Booske, ECE)
Technical Staff, Los Alamos National Lab, NM

Kevin Wierzbicki, MS 2006
Statistical estimation of cascading blackout size and propagation with branching processes
employed at Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Washington DC

Janghoon Kim, MS 2008
Properties of the branching model and the cascading model of the failure propagation of the power network
Janghoon Kim, PhD 2011
employed at Samsung Corporation, South Korea

Hussam Sehwail, MS 2012
Initial applications of synchrophasors using area angles
employed at ATC, MI

Lingyun Ding, MS 2013
An initial exploration of spatial spreading of cascading failure in an electric power system

Atena Darvishi, PhD 2015
Monitoring of single and multiple line outages with synchrophasors in areas of the power system

employed at ICF International, Washington DC

Lina M. Ramirez-Arbalaez, PhD 2016
Monitoring voltage stability margin across several transmission lines using synchrophasor measurements

XM Colombia

Sameera Kancherla, MS 2017
Data analysis of transmission line restoration times
Data Management Specialist-Transmission Planning, PPL Electric Utilities, PA and EASi LLC

Vikram Chiluka, MS 2017
New areas for fast synchrophasor monitoring of multiple overloads with area angles

Electric Power Group, Pasadena CA.

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